GEN Bahrain aims to provide an interactive platform for local and international entrepreneurs to help drive and grow the entrepreneurial culture in the Kingdom. 

The chapter’s mission is to shape the ecosystem to empower entrepreneurs in Bahrain and focus on key priorities such as encouraging Bahrainis to choose entrepreneurship as a career path, invest in entrepreneurship and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs with local action and global aspirations. 

GEN Bahrain will operate in a collaborative and supportive spirit, utilizing the market’s existing assets, offering support to address key gaps and areas of growth and improvement. 

GEN Bahrain’s key values: 

  • Boost local initiatives aimed at developing the Bahraini Entrepreneurship Eco-system 
  • Connect organizations, entrepreneurs and shapers to an international community of enablers, programs and platforms 
  • Partner with relevant local stakeholders to implement high impact GEN programs 
  • Promote entrepreneurship, innovation and self-employment to create value and make the Bahraini private sector the engine of growth