Women Venture Xchange has given me a key to open up a new market
15 Mar 2016

I clearly remember the warm reception on my first arrival in Nairobi-Kenya, ready to start the one month Women's Venture Xchange program. Each evening I used to go through my goals and my meeting schedule making sure they align well. During the exchange program I got an opportunity to participate in number of activities including Global Entrepreneurship Week, UN day for people with disabilities and also got invited to be an Inspirational speaker at Kenyatta University. All these activities had a significant value to my personal skills and business and so far it expanded my network.

The first investment that an entrepreneur should think to have is network not even money. My visit to Kenyatta University made me to network with more than 30 young entrepreneurs who came from 17 different African countries, and because of that network, today I have signed the contract and exporting my Glory napkins to DRC-CONGO.

It means a lot to my entrepreneurial journey, but also to the exchange program that I went through.

Hyasintha Ntuyeko

Founder and CEO | Kasole Secrets Co. Ltd.

Hyasintha Ntuyeko is founder and CEO of Kasole Secrets Co. Ltd., which manufactures and distributes sanitary napkins made out of bamboo. The… More