Blog | November 7, 2017

Meet our speakers | Patrick Bostels

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Patrick Bostels is joining us this year as both a speaker and Startup Weekend facilitator. At 16 Patrick decided he did not want a regular job and would never work for a boss. Patrick went to art school and aspired to become a photographer and filmmaker. When Patrick became a father he decided enter the business field. "I was a father, and the artist life didn't bring food on the table, so I decided to do business and participated in the process of starting a few companies" says Patrick.

"I spent a lot of time in Belgium, France and the UK before moving to Turkey, and during all this time I moved towards impact creation." Patrick now enjoys sharing his knowledge in order to create sustainable and meaningful change for a better world. "I love the naivety in setting that goal and pursuing it. Startups, technology, beina an organizer, trainer, mentor are my buzzwords today and I feel fortunate to do this with my wife and partner, Neşen Yücel, in a beautiful country." says Patrick.,, and are the results.

Welcome to Sudan Mr. Patrick, we are very excited to have you!

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