NBHF Laureates

Namibian Business Hall of Fame

In 2004, the founder members of the NBHF agreed that Namibia has role models to emulated by the youth and established the Namibian Business Hall of Fame. The team consisted of Mrs Johanna Cloete, Country Director of Junior Achievement Namibia (JA), now Managing Director of GEN (Global Entrepreneurship Network) Namibia, Mr. tarah Shaanika as CEO of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), a representative of Coca Cola Namibia, Mrs Ronel de Beer and Mr Thaddeus Maswahu, former Marketing Manager of Standard Bank Namibia. 

Criteria to qualify for induction as a Laureate:



Laureate Irene Simeon KurtzEveryone who passes the town of Usakos during the heat of summer, can imagine how difficult it was growing up in this small town, heat struck, dusty and walking barefoot to school and back. No child minds going without shoes to school when you have to run from shade to shade to probe cool sand for your feet, you’d wish shoes were a regular.                                                                             



Dr. David Namwandi