UNDERSTAND | November 22, 2019

Start-up Account Series: Darpan Pudasaini

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Darpan Pudasaini

Chief Executive Officer, DroNepal

As new technology enters Nepal, one company is pioneering drone-based services. DroNepal is the first drone dedicated service provider company in Nepal, with services ranging from topographical mapping, project monitoring to master plan designs and animations. The company also undertakes research and development projects related to drone technology, remote sensing, GIS and other spatial technologies. 

For a company that is at the forefront of making professional use of drone technology, the policy landscape targeted towards demotivating the use of drones presents an obstacle. Darpan Pudasaini, the CEO of DroNepal explains, “Without a one-door policy for permission and any means of recognition of organizations using drones for constructive uses, it was really cumbersome in implementing drone-based projects during the first couple of years of operation." Although amendments to the said policy have offered some relief he adds that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

As an advocate for drone technology, Pudasaini believes that the government, instead of imposing restrictions around its use, could play a facilitating role. Pudasaini recommends, “A one-door digitized policy that would not only enable prompt permission process but also regulate and monitor drone uses within the country, as well as the policy of recognition and licensing of organizations working with solving social problems with the drone technology is the way to go.”

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