Meet the Creators of the Going Public® Series
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1 Oct 2021

When Todd Goldberg first pitched his friend Darren Marble on the idea for Going Public, he was bluntly turned down. “Darren told me it was a commonly pitched idea in his industry—a show like Shark Tank, but where the viewers could invest,” said Goldberg. “So I pressed him: ‘If this is such a commonly pitched idea, why doesn’t the show exist?’” After a long discussion about how all the wrong people had attempted and failed to bring such a show to life, Goldberg and Marble agreed that they just might have the perfect complimentary skills to pull it off. 

Prior to co-founding Crush Capital, the creator of the Going Public series, Todd Goldberg had a successful career in medical device sales. He spent six years working as a senior executive at Neuronetics, a company that develops and commercializes non-invasive treatments for psychiatric disorders. 

In late 2017, Neuronetics began preparing for a NASDAQ IPO. “I vividly remember my friends and colleagues asking me how they could get in on the IPO, and I was disappointed to have to tell them that they couldn’t,” said Goldberg. In June 2018, Neuronetics completed its IPO to NASDAQ, raising $93.5 million from traditional institutional investors. “I was inspired at this moment to change the system,” said Goldberg. “I knew retail investors deserved an opportunity to invest in the IPO, and so I called my one friend who had recently made history with one such deal.”

Crush Capital co-founder Darren Marble had been working on the bleeding edge of capital markets for years. In 2015, he pioneered direct-to-investor retail marketing using the Regulation A+ securities registration exemption, a capital-raising tool that was part of the United States JOBS Act of 2012. “Reg A+ not only allows companies to raise up to $75 million and broadly market their deals, but it permits retail investors—in fact, anyone over the age of 18 globally—to legally invest,” noted Marble. “It’s an absolute game-changer.” 

In June 2017, Marble’s firm CrowdfundX marketed the $8 million Reg A+ IPO for medical device maker Myomo, helping them become the first Reg A+ issuer ever to list their shares on a national securities exchange. “What made this deal unique was that retail investors were able to buy IPO shares at the IPO price,” said Marble. “Over the course of the following days, Myomo’s stock price tripled, delivering quick gains for retail investors who participated in the IPO.” 

Since then, Goldberg and Marble have come a long way towards bringing the Going Public series to life. Season 1 streams on starting October 19. “In some ways, it is surreal,” said Goldberg. “Then again, we’ve invested four and half years of time, blood, and sweat into this project.” 

“Launching this show has not only been time-intensive, but complicated,” added Marble. “We’ve had to solve for series financing, production, distribution, technology, compliance, and more. But we’ve done it, and in a few weeks, we’re making history with the first series that allows viewers to Click-to-Invest while they watch. We can’t wait for the world to see!”

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) has partnered with Crush Capital on this groundbreaking new series. GEN chair Jeff Hoffman is also an executive producer and mentor on the show. Season 1 streams on and the Global Entrepreneurship Network starting this fall. To learn more, visit

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