Mompreneurs unpacking, how they making it happen daily
Photo Credit: Mompreneurs GEW 2021
This special event honours mothers who are entrepreneurs, raising families, and or having a day job. How do they manage? It is a complex situation that will be unpacked by speakers from Deloitte South Africa, Ms. Michaela Mahes, part of the team at Alchemy Learning Offerings.
12 Oct 2021

We also have our own MOM-Preneurs, Ms. Helena Amadhila from Tommy's Lodge in Karibib; Mrs. Twapewa Kadhikwa, from Twapewa Kadhikwa Institute of Entrepreneurship & SME Development Namibia, Ms. Ilke Platt from Poiyah Media another mompreneur in media.

The little black dress symbolizes the embodiment of strength, self-confidence, and sophistication. Black is known as a strong color it exudes so much authority that it awakens the elegance and power of people's senses. That is also the grab-and-go dress for mompreneurs.

Twapewa says: "I believe that the world can be a better place and each of us has a role to play in that. So, let's get to it!" these are her words to describe why she supports entrepreneurship development in Namibia. She inspires many but does join and hear it from herself. she received an honorary doctorate for the work she does from the International University of Management. She is currently a Ph, D. Candidate 

Ilke Platt is the Founder of Poiyah Media and a Ph.D. Candidate. She is also a mompreneur and supports the learning processes of others in the media industry. Let us join and hear the rest of how she makes it through life every day and never quits. She believes she takes every step of her way with the Lord.

Helena Amadhila says: "Being resourceful means you study, educate, stimulate your brain and inform yourself. Studying a business environment is imperative as it entails being able to detect environmental issues which could affect your business both positively and negatively."  She holds Master’s Degree In Entrepreneurship from the University of Malaysia.

Michaela Mahes - (Master of Management - Wits), Senior Manager at Alchemy by Deloitte School of Leadership Master of Management - Wits Business School. She almost did not believe in her dreams and wanted to quit. She is from Gauteng, South Africa

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