Adapt and Elevate : Happy new year from GEN Algeria
We won’t forget 2020 in a hurry – the year that everyone had adopt a ‘new normal”. A year where the inevitable shift to digital was accelerated.  For GEN Algeria, 2020 has been our adapt to elevate!
4 Jan 2021

If gene is one that shapes your body, well GEN ALGERIA is one that may shape your career. From a wantrepreneur to a serial entrepreneur, we all gather to celebrate entrepreneurship and unleash ideas. Indeed, GEN Algeria has created, managed and organized several programs and activities to inspire, empower, celebrate and support students, women, entrepreneurs, youth and media, through their success, in both national and international level. By fostering deeper cross border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organizations.

We won’t forget 2020 in a hurry – the year that everyone had adopt a ‘new normal”. A year where the inevitable shift to digital was accelerated.  For GEN Algeria, 2020 has been our adapt for growth year!

A year where we celebrated the GRAND FINALE of one of the most successful programs that had an echo among young Algerians and media “Entrepreneurship Leadership Innovation Program (ELIP)”. A program that has impacted over 35 000 individuals and has seen the participation of over 1900 students from 23 wilayas, 24 created start-ups and 57 projects in the progress among 240 assisted start-ups in total. Not only the experience was educative, it was stimulating innovation, creativity, and calls for change.  The program has helped the participants to build a roadmap to guide them through each step of their journey; from idea stage to growth, and from an ambitious dreamer to a future entrepreneur.  And who said that is the end of the adventure? It’s the sparkle of promising transformation that will create more job opportunities, contribute to the economic growth and aspire for international scale.

A year where we launched the “Stay safe but stay in business webinar series” to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. Several global startup competitions such as “Entrepreneurship world cup” where also organized and “Singularity computing” was selected as a national winner.

A year where we celebrated  10 years of Unleashing Ideas through Global Entrepreneurship Week in Algeria connecting thousands of people together with the aim to foster an entrepreneurial movement particularly in this exceptional period, GEW 2020 invites everyone to lay their first stone in realizing new and innovative ideas with the commitment and resilience of societies.

7 days with 7 panels of national and international experts in different fields were held online providing valuable insights on current challenges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Algeria. The event had shed light on the key points to remember when starting a business and the opportunities needed to go global and gain international visibility. This would undoubtedly inspire solemn individuals to take the plunge and become prominent entrepreneurs.

            It is worth remembering, that GEN Algeria is devoted to achieving core objectives in entrepreneurship empowerment. It is a source of valuable opportunities that contributes to building a sustainable business network and connect it to aspiring individuals. Indeed, more than 6700 youths and students were trained, hundreds of Start-ups were launched, and thousands of events and activities were held across the 48 wilayas providing high quality guidance and tools to bring forward a prosper future for young Algerians.


With the New Year knocking on the door, you probably wonder what can 2021 bring. Plenty more surprises are yet to come. Stay tuned!