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In our Digital Strategy 2025, we systematically present the most important areas of action. We want to ensure better conditions for the economy in order to improve innovation and investments in digitalisation and to user in a new age of entrepreneurship. Thanks to the Action Programme on Digitalisation, we are able to turn our Digital Strategy 2025 into reality - through a range of measures that we have already taken, some that we are in the process of taking, and those that we see and important next steps.
Promoting digital hubs in Germany
Accelerating digitalisation in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
Expansion of Gigabit networks
Making private investments in digital technology easier
Securing digital value creation networks
Mobilising more venture capital
Driving forward digital communication and eGovernment, reducing bureaucracy
Digitising the energy transition
Digitising the healthcare industry
Strengthening FinTech in Germany
Moving forward on digital mobility
Enabling more sharing through a social sharing economy


The Digital Hub Initiative is the German government’s instrument to strengthen connectivity and cooperation between startups in a digital age. We started our initiative in 2016 to connect the dots between science, corporates and the digital economy. 

This initiative involved setting up digital hubs in cities all over Germany, each one built to tap into the local expertise by creating common spaces that encourage innovation. 

The current Digital Hub cities and their specialties are:

Berlin: Fintech, IoT
Munich: Mobility
Frankfurt: Fintech
Hamburg: Logistics
Dortmund: Logistics
Cologne: InsurTech
Karlsruhe: Artificial Intelligence
Stuttgart: Future Industries
Dresden//Leipzig (Twin Hub): Smart Systems, IoT and Energy
Potsdam: MediaTech
Nuremberg/Erlangen: Digital Health
Ludwigshafen/Mannheim: Chemistry


Germany's Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

The advisory council, which chose the Digital Hub locations, is completely independent of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and consists of high-ranking representatives of corporates, investors, digital enterprises, and economic associations.



The first five HUBs were established in 2016, but additional seven were announced in April 2017.


We want to strengthen our network and we are positive that this mixture can be very attractive for international founders and investors. And that is one of the main goals: convince them to establish their companies and make their investments in Germany. In a nutshell one can say that we have many Valleys and we need to connect them.

Digital Strategy 2025: Meeting challenges, grasping opportunities:

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