Entrepreneurship Through Education


This scheme has introduced entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills to students at primary and secondary level.

The education system plays a crucial role in preparing young people for the world of work and to make them employable. But the world of work is changing fast and young people seeking employment today need to be more flexible and entrepreneurial in their attitudes and skills, while today’s students will face greater economic uncertainty and more frequent change in their future working lives. All young people will need more enterprising skills and attitudes, not just to set up businesses or to be self-employed, but also to build their own careers and to remain employable.  In this regards, Malta believes that entrepreneurship education should be fostered amongst students from the very early years.  Entrepreneurship education should focus on equipping the students with the soft skills in their first years and proceeding with expanding on their creativity skills at a later stage.  It is imperative that entrepreneurship is promoted as a career option for students. This should be further complemented by a number of schemes encouraging youth to start their own business as well as attractive start-up packages.  These could take the form of grant schemes or assistance through Business incubation centres targeting young people. 

In fact, Malta has set-up a number of initiatives to encourage entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship through Education scheme for primary and secondary schools is one of them. This scheme aims to address the promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial qualities through education by sponsoring projects submitted by educational institutions through a competitive call for proposals. Entrepreneurship teaching can thus be a main contribution to the creation of jobs, increase economic growth and ensure Europe can more than hold its own against international competitors and can nurture generations of business people who are prepared to innovate, experiment, spot commercial opportunities and take risks.


Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate within the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business.


This policy does not refer to firms in particular but rather to young people to equip them with entrepreneurial skills.


2011 - ongoing


The project aims to address the promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial qualities through education by sponsoring projects submitted by educational institutions, through a competitive call for proposals.

The Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family is making available this financial assistance to all Maltese primary and secondary education institutions (including state, church and independent schools)  to fund projects related to Enterprise education which can include the provision of:

  1. ‘Entrepreneurship’ teaching material
  2. Networking initiatives with local & foreign schools
  3. The provision of lectures in entrepreneurship studies and relevant teacher training
  4. Visits to local industrial & business institutes or similar venues meant to illustrate the various economic activities 
  5. Entrepreneurial activity

Hereunder please find a table with the schools that have participated in the scheme over the years:

Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Vote Amount € 100,000 80,000 70,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
Used € 75,939 30,731 66,559 44,732 31,426 48,884 21,969
Number of accepted applications 19 12 28 14 11 13 8
State Schools 17 11 20 9 8 11 5
Other Schools 2 1 8 5 3 2 3

Mr. Anton Spiteri

Mr. Salvatore Morgan


We are looking to revamp this scheme and we will be giving more attention to skills.