WienWin: Vienna Public Procurement from Innovative Businesses


This entry is an excerpt from the Nesta's "Digital Entrepreneurship: An ‘Idea Bank’ for Local Policymakers" (2016), with updates to the information since the publication of the report. Along other types of policy instruments, Nesta explored city-level efforts to leverage the power of public procurement budgets to support entrepreneurs.

This entry Atlas explores how the City of Vienna is encouraging local innovators and entrepreneurs to offer their services to the city through the WienWin project. With this project Vienna aims to strengthen the city as a centre for innovation by using the city's purchasing power of approximately € 5 billion per year to support innovative businesses in the region.

In this way the public procurement authorities of the city administration can function as early adopters or pioneering clients and create a lead market for innovative goods and services offered by local businesses and research institutions.


Projects are screened by an expert jury before being listed on an online platform. Procurement events are also organised to help connect prospective buyers and suppliers.

At the heart of the WienWin initiative is a database of innovative products and services offered by Viennese entrepreneurs and research institutions. This is provided through the web portal which provides an instant overview of available innovative goods and services.

To ensure high quality standards, the web portal only presents products and services that were either developed with R&D funds from a regional, national or European funding institution or are solutions whose level of innovation has been confirmed by an expert jury. 


WienWin is scheme created by the City of Vienna and the Vienna Business Agency.

At its core is a partnership between Vienna’s technology agency ZIT – Die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien GmbH - and the city administration authorities. It also comprises a network of more than 900 experts in city administration and some 200 local innovative companies.

WienWin is politically hosted by the city councillor in charge of finance and economic growth and the councillor in charge of human resources and public procurement to provide a well-coordinated administrative and strategic fit.


Launched in 2014.


Two years after its launch, the project had already run over 130 procurement events and led to more than 50 trials or purchases, including a new robot for dangerous situations which was purchased by the Viennese Firefighters, and a monitoring system for bridges which has been installed in new subway bridge in Vienna.

The City can point to at least 36 success stories or good practice cases, where innovative solutions developed by Viennese companies and research institutions are now being used by the City of Vienna. These WienWin success stories are extensively publicised to encourage more innovators to register what they have to offer through the website.


"Demand-driven instruments for strengthening research and innovation are gaining increased attention. A great number of studies and guidelines have been published in recent years and WienWin is one of the first initiatives to put these ideas into practice," said Renate Brauner, Vice Mayor of Vienna, in charge of finance and economic growth.


The World Bank Group, GEN UK
The World Bank Group, GEN UK