Be Empowered in YOUR Community - Have YOUR Say within YOUR Council LGA


Milestones on the path to improving community and life!

This casual meetup is a collaboration between Allan Connolly's EntrepreneursVille and Andie Noon's The Dreamers Collective.

Empowering Communities to Connect, Collaborate and Co-create with Intre and Entre Preneurs so that Smart Cities and Sustainable Communities can Thrive.

Have YOUR say, Unleash Your Ideas and let's Create a Shared Vision for OUR Communities and Celebrate our Successes Together during Global Entrepreneurship Week November 12th to 18th 2018.

This is a FREE SOCIAL GATHERING. You don't need to pay me or Allan to hang out with me, him or with anyone else. You buy your own food and drinks and get to meet like-minded people, to share your ideas, get support, collaborate, maybe share some business cards and strictly not to sell or poach clients.

We want to support each other here and we like to have one speaker as well in these meetups so if you are interested then let me know and I will pop your name along with the topic you want to speak about.

Everybody welcome, Business Owners, Residents, Intre and Entrepreneurs, Counsellors, Economic Development Departments, Children, Friends, Family