FORTIX Business Growth Seminar with Peter French

Our Fortix® Vision
We're building a vibrant community of business people, so we can all work together to grow our businesses. We are aiming to be the best we can be in our occupations and offer our services all who need them.

We believe that working together is much better than working alone. Our combined efforts will prosper us, and we will learn from each other as we leverage our strengths. Together we can overcome all business challenges we’re individually facing.

Our prosperity will overflow to the people we employ and to the community around us. Together we will create over 1000 new jobs.

Fortix is a growth platform for people to work on their business. It is a place where you can think - plan - do. It is a space where people can escape the busyness of their own business and craft sound growth plans.

It is a place where community meets, business is transacted, and flow is created. It is a place for inspiration, ideas, collaboration and innovation. It is an inclusive place where everyone is welcome.

We believe that our knowledge framework, events, coaching, mentorship and Fortix technology will provide you with the great support to achieve your growth plans.

Our vision can be summarised in these three words:

work - learn - prosper

These words come in unity, and we believe that everyone who is willing to work (effort) and is continuously learning (progress) should expect prosperity. If your work is helping people and your business runs with integrity, then prosperity should be the outcome of it all.

While we’re starting in Perth, our plans go well beyond Western Australia. We intend to grow the global business as our principles are universal and we live in a global economy. We want to help as many people as possible in many places around the world.

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