Fortix Growth Days at Tank Stream Labs

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Big people grow great companies 
Great companies enjoy continuous profitable growth

Fortix Growth Days at

When: Wednesday 14, November 2018
Where: Tank Stream Labs, Level 5 EY Building, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA
Time: 9am - 4pm


Feeling Overwhelmed by working in your business?
Never finding the time to work on your business?
We have the solution!

Fortix and Tank Stream Labs have partnered to provide a series of Growth Days, giving you the timesupportspace and networks to work on your business. 

It's an awesome opportunity to learn, network and build your business whether you’re a startup, scale up or SME with the best in the business.

Best of all, with pre-registration, the growth days are FREE & include breakfast! 

Experienced business leaders will run 30 - 60 minute sessions on Strategy & Leadership, Marketing & Sales, HR, Finance, Growth Hacking and Personal Development.


To help entrepreneurs to grow their business and that’s why we partner with quality organisations to help us achieve our vision.

The Growth Days kick off every two weeks starting from 14 November 2018 at Tank Stream Labs - Level 2, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth.

Come in at any time, we do recommend joining us for a delicious breakfast at9am to kick-start your day with pre-discussions on topics/challenges your business is facing and how they could be addressed.

Did we mention it’s free with the pre-registration? OR $200 + GST at the door.
Register now or contact us for more information.

As part of the growth sessions, you get free access to the Tank Stream Labsco-working space to work on your idea. Tank Stream Labs provides high-speed internet access, coffee, meeting rooms and space to work on your business with like-minded professionals.

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SESSION 1: Paul Faix "The Elastic Band Theory of Growing Business"SESSIONS WED 14th NOV

Are you trying to scale up your business? Or maybe you had to scale back to regroup and tried again without success.

Paul will share with you the results of his own research derived from personal experience working with hundreds of business people over the past 13 years. If you are seeking a way out from being super busy, frustrated and always chasing cash to pay bills this interactive session will help you to break this unhealthy pattern.

1. A one-hour interactive session looking into why it is hard to grow a profitable business over $1M revenue

2. Key insights to look for when scaling up business

3. Recommendations of how to overcome the glass ceiling and find rewarding growth



SESSION 2: Jason King "The Power of 90 Day Planning from Your Why

A one hour workshop discovering how to establish why your organisation exists or to further to define your why

1.How to ensure your strategic planning is built from the why of your organisation

2. How to prosper and give back more with your why

3. How to continuously build your ongoing 90 Day Plans to keep you on track



SESSION 3: Paul Manning “Master your Online Marketing”

5 ¾ hours a day now spent on-line. That’s the average for NZ and Australia’s entire population. 

This workshop is for Business Owners, see how to leverage this trend with smarter online marketing!

We’re running a Free Session to get you in the game… in 30 minutes you’ll learn:

1. The best way to turn your prospects into hot leads that ask you for immediate help

2. The step-by-step approach for what is required to create killer content to engage your audience



SESSION 4: Les Delaforce “How to Win the War on Talent”

This presentation will provide an insight into, how to find the best talent for your business. Explore the use of traditional recruitment systems vs new tech innovation.

Challenge current approaches to HR and how a document we’ve been using for 500 years can be used to improve your most important business decision.

1. Identify the most compatible person for your company

2. Increase diversity

3. Streamline the recruitment process by up to 90%



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