Tea Time with Prof RI - National Awarded Scientist of Malaysia


On behalf of the Consulate-General of Malaysia and Global Entrepreneurship Network, Grounded Learning (M) invites everyone in Perth area to come to a Tea Talk with Prof. Rahinah Ibrahim on Monday of 20th November 2017 at 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. at Malaysia Hall Perth, Western Australia.

Professor. Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim 

has spoken this week with The Deputy Lord Mayor of Perth, Dr Jemma Green. The Malaysia Consular General, Nazarudin Jaafar. Malaysian Consul Education attache, Abdul Hadi Mustaffa. Aurecon, Phil Hues. Ecotect Architects, Prof Garry Baverstock. Mills Oaklay, Stephanie Rowland. Edith Cowan University, Dr Helen Crips and Prof. Craig Standish, Water Corporation, Matthew Bowman, Start Consulting, Kim Kristofferson and Danielle Dinse. Mork Water, Martin and Barbara Brezger, Bloom, Darren Leeman, Committee for Economic Australia Development, Paula Rogers, too name a few. 

This is a chance to hear what the Professor had to say, that captivated the attention of the above audience and has lead to proposals of collaboration between Academia and Industry in both Australia and Malaysia.