GEW Celebrations Begin in North America
17 Nov 2014

Last week, the North American Finals of Get in the Ring took place in Kansas City at the Kauffman Foundation. 15 startups from Mexico, Canada and the United States battled it out for the top prize.Spot on Sciences from Austin, TX was crowned the North American champion and will travel to Rotterdam to pitch in the global finals later this week.

The Global Entrepreneurship Index rating was released today, measuring entrepreneurship ecosystems in 130 countries. Index findings suggest that while entrepreneurship is generally on the rise around the world, there is definite room for improvement. The United States and Canada ranked first and second respectively. GEW is celebrated by eight countries in North America, with just a few of the highlights this week being:


  • Schools like Dawson College, Ryerson University, University of New Brunswick and University of Calgary are planning events throughout the week to support both students and the community. Events range from workshops and lectures to networking sessions and pitch competitions.  
  • As the official host of GEW Canada, Futurpreneur Canada is hosting a parliamentarian reception on November 19 in celebration of women in entrepreneuership. This will give our senators, members of parliament and ministers a chance to meet young entrepreneurs.  
  • Several influential partners in Canada are planning to focus their communications efforts towards GEW next week in support. For example, MaRS Discovery District is planning a GEW blog series during the week, government will be promoting GEW and entrepreneurship on social media and local partners will be showcasing entrepreneur stories.

For a full list of GEW Canada highlights check out their most recent blog post and the GEW Canada site.


GEW Greenland will be running a number of exciting programs but at the top of the list is a creativity workshop targeting students in entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the country: "Youth Camp, be creative."

The day includes various creativity and idea generation exercises in the form of an experimental play. Among other things, the students will be introduced to meditation and mindfulness exercises, acrobatic team exercises (where each of the groups would construct the most creative team-architecture) and acrobatic yoga (acroyoga). All these preliminary exercises are designed to get the students away from their usual seats and working groups to engage in new constellations and together test their own and others' boundaries in the attempt to expand and stimulate their creative thinking. Subsequently, new groups are formed, and all teams have to solve the "Marshmallow Challenge" (build the tallest construction of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks). This is done to train the team dynamics, inspire a new generation of ideas and collective problem solving and help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Entrepreneur Camp: Organized by Endeavor and Wayra in the Technological Institute of Monterrey (ITESM), Campus Santa Fe an entrepreneur camp for 100 entrepreneurs, the camp is focused on supporting people with innovative ideas. At the end of the day and after various dynamics to realize business plans, an awards ceremony will be held to reward to selected winners, we have juries from the INADEM and government of Mexico at this event.
  • GEW Women: Endeavor and the ITESM have organized a congress for 500 people. There will be lectures and workshops with the aim of supporting and encouraging the development of Mexican women.
  • Technology Panel: Three Endeavor startups, Petsy, Linko and Carrot will talk about their experiences starting up and the best practices that they have learnt along the way.
  • Multiply: Endeavor and the Universidad Panamericana have organized a congress for 600 people addressing the topic of: “Chain Reaction - the Multiplier effect”. Lectures such as those on the topic of leverage, defined as the ability of entrepreneurial projects to create jobs and wealth, will engage participants with the end goal of generating new cases of successful entrepreneurs.

Watch these events live or watch the videos later in the week at:

For a full list of activities please visit the GEW Mexico website.


GEW in Nicaragua will be focusing events around this year’s slogan: “Unite for New Opportunities.” Procom Group, the official GEW host organization in Nicaragua, is coordinating a wide range of public and private sector organizations this year with an increased number of visible entrepreneurship initiatives to create maximum impact for GEW. Flagship events include Startup Weekend, Forum of Entrepreneurs and Shark Tank.

St. Kitts & Nevis

CoESL, the GEW host organization in St. Kitts and Nevis, just participated in the launch of GEW Caribbean on Friday November 14. For more information on the launch, check out the story on it found on the GEW global website.

St. Vincent & Grenadines

Youth Business SVG, the official GEW host organization in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is looking to engage participants with their theme for the week: “Building the Entrepreneurial Mindset.” GEW activities kicked off in in October with an event at the Country offices of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and will continue throughout the week.

The Bahamas

Business Builder Immersion, the GEW host organization in the Bahamas, joined GEW St. Kitts and Nevis and many other hosts and partners in launching GEW Caribbean on Friday November 14. For more information on the launch, check out the story on it found on the GEW global website.


Earlier this month, President Obama made entrepreneurship a national priority by declaring November National Entrepreneurship Month. To bring even more awareness to the importance of new firm formation, a campaign has been started to get Congress to declare November 18 as National Entrepreneurs’ Day. Of course, promoting entrepreneurship goes well beyond the halls of political institutions. Down the street from Capitol Hill is 1776, home to the Challenge Cup, a global competition based in Washington D.C. and hosted by GEW Board Member and 1776 co-founder Donna Harris.

GEW USA is kicking off today with strong support from organizing partners. Several partners have organized week-long events bringing together students, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders in tech, artists and more to contribute to a full week of activities supporting entrepreneurs.

Take a look at a few of the week-long events happening in the U.S. this year and check for more events happening in the U.S. throughout the week.