The objectives of GEN Bangladesh is:

  • To develop an entrepreneurial mindset among the huge youth of the country and giving a global platform to the Young Stars
  • To extend the reach of GEN platform countrywide and promote & make available its resources to rural areas also so that young generation gets a scope to learn, express, generate the idea, grow it and make it sustainable with the help of Global Network.
  • To develop STEM experts youth and Women so that they can contribute in the economy
  • To find talented young and women with excellent skills and ideas and help them to grow
  • To initiate research, programs, draft policy so that the young generation gets proper guidelines from Govt, Stakeholders and leaders.

Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, GEN Bangladesh

With the cooperation of all, we succeeded to develop the entrepreneurial mindset among the youth, women and others and now we need to move forward with the young generation, ideas and action. We want to give our talented youth the global entrepreneurial network. As soon as they get connected with Global stakeholders then they will get guidance and find scope to grow. We want to empower the young generation and extend our cooperation. Our focus is to develop the young generation with STAMINA and help them get success.