Entrepreneur Spotlight on Dale Trotman: Preventing Physician Burnout in the Caribbean
Photo Credit: Dale Trotman, MedRegis
GEN talks to Dale Trotman about running a health tech startup during the pandemic, his experience with GEN programs and his vision for the future of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean.
20 May 2021

*This is part of a series highlighting GEN entrepreneurs making an impact around the world. Read more interviews here.

Dale Trotman is on a mission to pioneer a digital healthcare revolution in developing regions, starting with Barbados and the Caribbean, where many doctors rely on paper to track patient history. He is the founder of MedRegis, a tech startup equipping medical offices with digital record-keeping systems that improve office workflow, reduce inefficiencies and ultimately prevent physician burnout. With pilot programs running in Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, Trotman has his sights set on expansion.  

He pitched MedRegis at the 2019 Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) in Barbados and won, earning him national media coverage and an opportunity to pitch at the global finals. Like his experiences with other Global Entrepreneurship Network programs including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and Global Entrepreneurship Congress, EWC had a “highly influential” impact on his entrepreneurial journey by connecting him with like-minded entrepreneurs, potential investors and advisors.  

GEN caught up with Dale to learn more about his company, his experience participating in GEN programs, his advice for up-and-coming founders and his vision for the future of entrepreneurship in Barbados. 

*This interview has been edited for length and readability.

GEN: Why did you choose to launch a startup in healthcare?  

Dale Trotman: I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I started evaluating different problems to solve, healthcare was the most interesting. At that time, nine in 10 doctor’s offices in the Caribbean still used paper-based record-keeping systems. I heard people complaining every day about the inefficiency of healthcare – particularly with missing notes, absence of information and cumbersome processes. That's where I saw an opportunity. I also looked to the United States, where one of the biggest complaints about electronic health records is physician burnout due to poor workflow. We are trying to create a more efficient solution so we don’t replicate the same issues in the Caribbean.  

GEN: Physician burnout is an ongoing concern during the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the pandemic impacted how you serve the medical community?  

Dale Trotman: Doctors work under a lot of stress, whether we are in a pandemic or not. However, COVID-19 has added more mental health burdens for healthcare providers. Now more than ever, I believe we are on the right path, developing an efficient solution to prevent some of this burnout.  

Also, because of the pandemic, people are starting to realize how important it is to improve the healthcare structure in the Caribbean. That in itself will present opportunities for health technology startups like mine. 

GEN: What is it like launching a startup in Barbados?  

Dale Trotman: Barbados has come a long way in terms of entrepreneurship. To become one of the main entrepreneurial countries in the region, we need to develop an interconnected ecosystem. We also have to realize that the future of entrepreneurship is technology. Yes, it is great to have programs for nail salons, car valet companies, barbers, and those types of brick-and-mortar businesses…but I believe Barbados has the potential to be the leader in digital entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. 

GEN: How has GEN impacted your entrepreneurial journey?  

Dale Trotman: GEN has been highly influential in my development as an entrepreneur. The great thing about taking part in events like the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Global Entrepreneurship Congress and the Entrepreneurship World Cup is that you get to meet people from all over the world. I was recently talking to someone I met at one of these events whose wife is a nurse in South Africa. I’m going to work with her to see how we can expand MedRegis there.  

GEN: You won the Entrepreneurship World Cup national finals in 2019 pitched at the global finals in Saudi Arabia. What was that like? 

Dale Trotman: The benefit of this competition is not just being a winner or collecting prize money, which is great for any startup. Even if you don't win, you are connected with entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, business leaders and government leaders. There is no way you can be in an environment like that and not see how you can grow your company.  

GEN: You enjoy mentoring others. What’s your favorite piece of advice to give entrepreneurs?  

Dale Trotman: When all is said and done, more must be done than said.  

GEN: What’s next for yourself and MedRegis?   

Dale Trotman: Right now, we are running pilots in medical clinics in Barbados and Trinidad. We have raised over $200,000, and we have done two major rounds of development. The app will be ready to scale within the Caribbean once we finish this current round.

Learn more about Dale and his work at medregis.com


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