Exciting Times: GEW Magazine Unveiled Worldwide
18 Sep 2014

For the first time, GEW Magazine, a celebration of entrepreneurship in more than 150 countries, is being unveiled to the world tomorrow, September 19 -- available in every edition of the Financial Times worldwide, inserted to the center of FT Wealth (1.3 million copies).

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Sir Richard Branson -- a long-time supporter of Global Entrepreneurship Week and keynote speaker of the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Congress -- features on the cover, exclusively looking ‘Forward’ to the next generation of entrepreneurs kick starting businesses and who are not afraid of risk.

“In a way, the biggest risk to an entrepreneur’s success is the fear of starting,” the founder and chairman of Virgin Group said.

Branson’s energy resonates throughout the magazine with a central focus from Jonathan Ortmans, president of Global Entrepreneurship Week and senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, about scaling the entrepreneurship message that, “high impact startups are now springing up in the most unexpected corners of the world.”

The global message is clear, ‘entrepreneurship is taking on the world.’

“This globalization of entrepreneurship has brought an exciting explosion of programs, startup communities and investments and in turn, exposes new gaps in our knowledge. This is exciting times to be part of the new entrepreneurial learning curve,” explains Ortmans.

The publication expresses a tone of true global collaboration of advocates of entrepreneurship. At the core it focuses on a snapshot of activities and events planned across the world for GEW 2014 -- the week of November 17-23 -- from America to Europe, Asia, the middle-east and Africa where some prominent GEW hosts feature.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress for 2015, a meeting of thousands of startup champions from more than 150 countries, being held in Milan, Italy, features talking about the planned event. A special look at the impact of GEW 2013 highlights the enormous success of the initiative on stimulating entrepreneurship across the world from challenged economies to thriving.

A special thanks

Promoters, creators and publishers of GEW magazine, Maree Morrissey and David Bradley, co-founders of Think Ireland Inc and GEW Ireland, would like to acknowledge and thank all of the host countries that contributed as well as the Kauffman Foundation and the team at GEW Global, Jonathan Ortmans and, of course, Sir Richard Branson for making this all possible.

“We couldn’t have made this happen without a collaborative approach and willingness to achieve the first global entrepreneurship magazine.” Morrissey and Bradley said. “We look forward to next year when we are back bigger and better!”

As Richard Branson says, “Life is a lot more fun if you say yes.”

Featured GEW Host Countries Italy, Croatia, Ireland, Greece, Iran, Turkey, Rwanda, Brazil, UK, USA, Denmark, Netherlands, Tunisia, Qatar, Bermuda, Botswana, Belgium, Greenland, Moldova, Barbados, Israel, Sweden.