GEW 2012 in Barbados
27 Feb 2013

The Barbados Youth Business Trust (BYBT) celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week for the 5th consecutive year. GEW 2012 continued the tradition of highlighting BYBT’s work with young entrepreneurs all year round and the GEW partnership. 27 events focused on increasing reach and awareness of entrepreneurship in Barbados and promoting the value of the services available to young entrepreneurs from the BYBT and its partners. . 158 partners helped BYBT to make these events a resounding success and an estimated 4025 persons took part while 4,455,830 people were reached multiple media sources.

A partners’ press conference, on November 8, 2012, kicked off the week and mobilised interest. GEW 2012 buzz events were:

  • “Nursery to Boardroom”, where BYBT team, partners, Business Mentors and young Entrepreneurs visited various Nursery and Primary schools throughout Barbados, discussing entrepreneurship and promoting young entrepreneurs.
  • Young Entrepreneurs’ Fair, for post secondary students, assisted in idea generation and provided information on all the entrepreneurship services available in e in Barbados
  • GEW televised young entrepreneurs’ feature – Gender and Entrepreneurship
  • Teachers’ Talk about Entrepreneurship -and
  • The NEW GEW EVENT Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace.


Young entrepreneurs were given the opportunity, in a televised discussion, to provide the public with an insight on “The Challenges Faced by young Male and Female Entrepreneurs”. The discussion showed gender perspectives and touched on the areas of; access to funding, business mentoring, family life, personal and professional growth and the education system in Barbados as it relates to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The “Nursery to Boardroom” presentations involved 11 partners directly, BYBT staff, Business Mentors and Young Entrepreneurs. The discussion, focused on what it means to be an entrepreneur and the concept of entrepreneurship. It involved 30 school staff members and 464 students at 9 nursery and primary schools. The interaction and feedback from the students as well as staff was positive. The schools want BYBT to return throughout the school year to continue the entrepreneurship dialogue.

The visit from Baroness Floella Benjamin to the Good Shepherd Primary School gained a significant amount of media coverage. 259 persons attended comprising students, school staff, BYBT team and partners. A GEW reception was hosted by the British High Commissioner that same night.

BYBT partnered with the Ministry of Energy & Telecommunications for Barbados’ Energy Week 2012 by hosting a Business Club Networking session on Renewable Energy. The presenter advised young entrepreneurs on the importance of renewable energy to their businesses, business opportunities available in the sector, and how to integrate energy saving techniques into day to day operations.

The BYBT, with the assistance of several partners, organized a special training session on “Generating Sales” in preparation for the Young Entrepreneurs’ Marketplace. 19 young entrepreneurs representing 13 companies took part. This event attracted nearly 2000 people.

Overall, the week of activities captured and embodied the essence of entrepreneurship in Barbados while showcasing Local and International customers visit the Young Entrepreneurs' Marketplace innovation, creativity and tying in cultural diversity. It highlighted entrepreneurs as “Craftsmen of their own fate” the theme of the 2012 independence celebration which followed in November.