Other | November 11, 2015

GEW Childrens Festival: Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit since early age

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This year, for the first time, GEW Belarus organizers and partners pay special attention to the younger generation of future entrepreneurs.


Children's Festival I am Entrepreneur to Be will take place on November 22 within the framework of Global Entrepreneurship Week (www.gew.by/en/).


The festival will bring together talented children already interested in the field of IT and business, successful businessmen and representatives of IT-sphere, who will share their experience through workshops and master classes.


During the event, kids and youth aged 7-17 will be able to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and programming, learn how to create an innovative product using Design Thinking

method, learn about leadership and negotiating skills.


Smallest kids will be able to take part in the drawing competition.


EPAM Systems is the general partner of the event.
- See more at: http://by.gew.co/activity/i-am-entrepreneur-be-childrens-festival-0#stha...