HINVI CREATIONS is a Beninese company specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of handcrafted products.
15 Aug 2020

Creativity is the word that most qualifies the founder of HINVI CREATIONS. Upon completion of her internship whithin a social marketing and communication orgaization, she started, without relevant training in the field, creating artisanal products by using ropes made of local materials, mainly the polyester.

Her desire to take up a challenge as a promising women entrepreneur in creative business lead her into handcraft. Since then, this has become her passion and reason for being.

HINVI CREATIONS is a Beninese company specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of handcrafted products  made of woven ropes into locally-sourced and recycled materials, mainly polyester. The company  provides a wide variety of products organized into three categories:




Most of the products are pre-ordered and made upon client’s convinience.

HINVI CREATIONS aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in that the ropes in polyester which could have negative impact on the environment are recycled to create sustainable products substantially contributing to a greener world.

In addition, the founder plans to provide trainings to poorest and out-of-school young women and men.

Her vision earned her  the Tony Elumelu Foundation’s seed capital in 2019. 

In the next five years, HINVI CREATIONS ecofriendly products will have reached global markets through international business fairs and partnerships development.

This inspiring young entrepreneur is one of the rare women redefining entrepreneurship by not following where a path may lead, but instead, going where there is no path and leaving a trail.

Published in Beninnovations MAGAZINE,

Vol.2, N°1, September - December 2020



Olusegun Vidjannagni

Acting Managing Director | GEN Benin

Olusegun has over ten years of experiences working with orphan and vulnerable children, teen-agers, young women and men  in rural communities in… More