About GEW Bermuda

The Bermuda Host Committee for GEW Bermuda is made up of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda (registered charity no. 616) and the Department of E-Commerce. Formed in 2008, the Bermuda Host Committee has grown to include new and seasoned entrepreneurs and representatives from the public and private sector, all acting with the common goal of inspiring the new generation of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. 


Key Objectives

  • ENGAGE: provide a platform for thought leaders to work together in fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • INSPIRE: introduce the notion of entrepreneurial activity to those who have never considered it while motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to launch new startups.
  • CONNECT: facilitate connections to help build and expand networks across national boundaries.
  • MENTOR: create an environment conducive to the sharing of ideas and experiences that are invaluable in moving from idea.


How We Achieve These Objectives

Over the years, GEW in Bermuda has grown into a well-populated week-long calendar that has provided the entrepreneurial community with a large number of diverse opportunities to learn, find knowledge and inspiration, and network with like-minded persons and relevant organizations.

The Host Committee’s work is manifold.  Charged with the responsibility to increase the awareness of GEW and help to establish an entrepreneurial ecosystem within Bermuda, the Committee works tirelessly every year to broaden the reach of GEW and the overall impact to the local entrepreneurial community.  Specifically, the Committee works to:

  • Advance the general knowledge and skill level of Bermudian entrepreneurs through seminars, workshops, and lunch’n’learns that tackle the day’s burning questions and hot topics.
  • Provide opportunities for Bermudian entrepreneurs to successfully grow together and forge strong relationships through networking events on business sites and off-site.
  • Create mentoring and coaching opportunities by ensuring that the experience of prior-year winners is highlighted
  • Widen the reach and possibilities of Bermudian businesses by exposing winners of various activities to the opportunity to forge relationships in overseas markets.