What is the Youth Pitch Competition?

Youth Pitch is a competition where young people pitch their business ideas and compete for amazing cash prizes and chance to compete in the Rocket Pitch Competition Finals.

How does it work?

The framework of the Youth Pitch presentation is simple, the presenter or team of presenters has five minutes to tell the story of their business idea and then respond to questions. The main goal of a Youth Pitch is to illustrate a business opportunity. A pitch needs to be clear and straightforward and not overly technical. Those that enter the Competition have a chance to win a cash award that has ranged from $1,500 – $3,000.

How To Enter

Download the Youth Pitch, Pitch Kit. Fill in the powerpoint presentation which will illustrate your business idea. Send it in and we will contact you to participate in the competition.

Single Participants or Teams of up to 4 Accepted.

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, November 12 by 9am.

Youth Pitch Preliminary Competition: Monday, November 18th.

Preparation Coaching Offered. Top Two Youth Pitch Finalists will compete in the Rocket Pitch Finals on Wednesday, November 20th.