Other | November 11, 2010

South America Heating Up

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With less than a week before GEW kicks off in South America, there is a lot of buzz in the GEW host offices there about what is coming together. This is just an appetizer… I don’t want to ruin your appetite.

In Venezuela, things will kick-off on the 14th with a full day event at Caracas International Exhibition Center. There is an expected attendance of over 2,000 people, 250 young vibrant students from 6 to 20 years-old will be presenting their Innovation Projects for the Eureka's Innovations Award. The Keynote Speaker, renowned researcher and lecturer, Carlota Perez, will speak on "Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Universities". With the presence of the Presidents of the Venezuelan Universities, Alumni Presidents and renowned entrepreneurs the stage will be set for a country-wide curricula modification to include "Entrepreneurship Initiative" as an option for students.

In Brazil, the campaigned opened with “Silicon Valley in Brazil” held at Fundacao Getulio Vargas. Rio will celebrate GEW in the favelas, with local entrepreneurs that came from the communities to foster high impact entrepreneurs everywhere. The activity includes Brazilian actresses Fernanda Lima and Regina Casé. That is just the beginning; Brazil will have an entrepreneurship Facebook quiz, an innovation competition to create value from everyday objects and thousands more activities.  Jonathan Ortmans, president of GEW, will also be traveling to Brazil and surely have some great stories.

GEW is celebrated for the first time this year in El Salvador. The campaign launches with an Entrepreneur Forum, in which entrepreneurs interact with the audience and share their experiences, goals and challenges being entrepreneurs in El Salvador. The activity will bring over 200 participants including the director of "CONAMYPE" (Ministry of Economics, SME Branch) and various entrepreneurs from around El Salvador.

Alberto Padilla, host of CNN en Español's program Economia y Finanzas is covering the GEW campaign in Peru

And of course Globalito, the GEW mascot in Bolivia, will be traveling to various activities throughout the country.

Finally, on the opening day of GEW, South American hosts are organizing a Virtual Forum to talk and share about initiatives to promote and support the entrepreneurial spirit of youth throughout the continent.