Countries Around the World Prepare for GEW 2014
28 May 2014

GEW 2014 is less than six months away and preparations are in full swing around the world as GEW hosts launch their national campaigns, secure support, recruit partners and build agendas for their upcoming events.


After recently signing up as the official GEW host organization in Botswana, Nwgana Enterprises is collaborating and coordinating with the government, private sector and investors to host the first official GEW in the country later this year. The GEW campaign will be officially launched in July 2014 to raise awareness of the week, to bring partners on board and to encourage participation and event planning. GEW will take place November 17- 23, 2014 with the main event to be held in Gaborone. GEW Botswana expects approximately 5,000 events to take place across the country, engaging about 100,000 participants.


GEW 2014 preparations are well underway in Germany where the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy is the official GEW host. Gründerwoche Deutschland, the official GEW Germany website, already has 404 registered events (and counting) along with a fast growing number of partners signing up to organize events.


Congratulations to GEW Hungary host Patrik Kovács who has just been elected as the President of the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization of the European Union (JEUNE), GEW Hungary’s new host organization. Kovács is excited to explore and build upon the synergies between GEW and JEUNE.

Established in 1994, JEUNE currently represents over 400,000 young entrepreneurs from 14 countries (Bulgaria, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Moldova). JEUNE’s activities are focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship, lobby initiatives for programs dedicated to young people, networking events, trainings for young entrepreneurs, as well as partnerships with European institutions with the aim of creating a permanent dialogue for the development of policies and programs dedicated to young entrepreneurs and business incubation.


Fundacion Paraguaya, the official GEW host organization in Paraguay has also been busy lining up partners and support for GEW 2014 with the Ministries for Education, Youth, and Industry and Commerce already officially supporting the event. Norma Barios, host of GEW Paraguay, is also trying to secure the participation of the President of Paraguay, a successful entrepreneur himself, for the closing ceremony of the event.


YES Philippines, the official GEW host in the Philippines launched their GEW 2014 campaign during a business startup conference and expo, which took place in Manila May 9 – 10, 2014 with around 5,000 participants.

United Kingdom

The Prince’s Youth Business International (YBI), which supports young entrepreneurs in 40 countries, as well as being the official GEW host organization in the UK won the GEW Country of the Year award for last year’s successful 2013 GEW campaign “Take a Step Forward”. To reach their goal of increasing job creation and personal empowerment by supporting 40,000 under-served young entrepreneurs to start successful businesses per year by 2017, YBI continues to play a leading role in GEW.


In January 2014, the Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TETEVA) in collaboration with ELIF Business Organization, the official GEW host in Zambia launched the "My Job Plus One" campaign, a national strategy of entrepreneurship and job creation for youths across the country. The "National Students Entrepreneurship Challenge" will be introduced as part of this event and as part of GEW 2014. Edwin Zulu, host of GEW Zambia, believes TEVETA 's participation at the 2013 GEC in Rio de Janeiro made a great impact on this campaign and he feels that this is great example of how GEW continues to impact national policies.

The Zambian GEW Advisory Board has also recruited new members that include the Ministries of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Education Science Vocation & Early Child education.