Progress Continues in Africa
24 Sep 2014

GEW continues to deepen its engagement with and support of entrepreneurs on the African continent. Last month, I wrote about the expansion of our work in Africa that included a new grant from the John Templeton Foundation and a recommitment from the U.S. State Department with regards to the LIONS@frica program.

Earlier this week, Nick Vilelle, GEW’s Director for African Initiatives, departed for Accra, Ghana, where he will be living and working more closely with our national teams on the ground. On the way, he is making a pit stop in Lagos, Nigeria, for DEMO Africa. Forty startups have six minutes each to launch their products – and generate an anticipated $10 million in investment. Five winners will travel to Silicon Valley during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November to be immersed in a vibrant and well-developed startup hub.

I am also especially proud of progress further south, where Botswana is fast at work preparing for GEW. Ngwana Enterprises, the host organization behind GEW Botswana, is joining forces with the Botswana Investment and Trade Center to hold Global Expo Botswana this year during Global Entrepreneurship Week to expand their campaign’s reach and increase its impact. Their campaign will center on encouraging youth entrepreneurship throughout the country including a competition helping innovative youth grow their businesses and networking events to connect aspiring entrepreneurs to potential mentors.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is only a few weeks away and I plan on being in Africa to see all of the great work being done. More details to come but I hope to see you there.