Facing the Champions: 8 Get in the Ring Finalists Revealed
Announcing the finalists that have been selected to compete at the international finals of Get in the Ring: The Investment Battle.
19 Nov 2013

Following a highly-competitive and demanding series of national and international rounds, we are pleased to announce the finalists that have been selected to compete at the international finals of Get in the Ring: The Investment Battle. Get in the Ring is an international investment competition where promising startups from all over the world compete to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000. This year, more than 1,000 startups from 32 countries participated in the competition. The competition was fierce. Out of the more than 1,000 startups who participated, only 8 have been selected to compete in the final round, which will take place at the Hulstkamp Gebouw in Rotterdam on November 22nd.

With the exception of the U.S. finalist, the finalists that were selected to advance to the international finals in Rotterdam were chosen during the Sprout Challengerday (SCD) on the 31st of October. During the event, video pitches were presented and visitors had the opportunity to select their favorites and provide feedback to the startups. The 7 finalists were selected by an experienced jury in collaboration with the SCD visitors to advance to the international finals as a result of this round of the competition.

The American finalist was chosen during the American Startup Clash of Get in the Ring, this was the 8 and last finalist that was selected to participate in the international finals. This round of the competition was hosted by the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri, on the evening of November 18 and took place as a result of a collaborative partnership between the hosting organization and the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. This is the first year that the Kauffman Foundation incorporated the concept of Get in the Ring, it was a featured event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013. The American Startup Clash comprised of 8 promising American startups who battled it out in a series of pitching rounds where they pitched their startups to a panel of judges. The winner of this round of the competition was awarded the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands where they will compete in the international finals of Get in the Ring.

On November 22nd, the 8 startups will face off against each other during the international final and battle it out for a chance to secure an investment of up to €1,000,000 for their startup. Participants compete in a series of rounds where they will pitch their startups and business models to a panel of prominent international investors.

Meet the Contenders:

  • Mindful Scientific, Canada
    A medical device company focused on brain health. Building diagnostic, monitoring and management solutions for concussion and neurologic/neurodegenerative disorders. They developed a revolutionary, portable device, the Halifax Consciousness Scanner (HCS), which uses innovative methods in neuroscience to quickly and accurately measure brain status, compressing hours of lab-time into a 5-minute test.
    Website: http://mindfulscientific.ca/
  • EyeVerify, United States
    EyeVerify is a software and mobile application development startup that has created a biometrics security system relying on the blood vessels in the whites of the eyes. They developed Eyeprint Verification, a software program that delivers password-free mobile experience and secure authentication at a glance. 
    Website: http://eyeverify.com/  
    A real-time development platform, giving the ability to update source code, line by line on advanced 3D multiplayer enabled games and apps. They offer a super easy-to-use 3D multiplayer game maker for web and mobile platforms”. Playir has support from Mozilla, Intel and Microsoft and aims to position itself in the educational development space.
    Website: http://playir.com/
  • HutGrip, Bulgaria
    Hutgrip offers cloud-based software as a service platform which allows manufacturers to efficiently control, manage and optimize their production processes. By collecting and storing data coming from multiple devices and sensors such as temperature and speed, Hutgrip provides analyses of the gathered data and identifies optimizations of the system.
    Website: http://hutgrip.com/
  • TruckBird, Greece
    Truckbird is an online freight marketplace that specializes in freight management. Their online platform serves to connect clients and shipping carriers in a way that streamlines and introduces greater efficiency to the shipping process.
    Website: http://www.truckbird.com/
  • Jinvator, Germany
    A pioneer in HIV-Diagnostics, Jinvator has secured a patent on the intelligence technology behind the early stage detection of the HIV virus. Jinvator Biomed offers the nano-Gold-Test, which enables people to detect HIV already one week after the infection Website: http://www.jinvator.com
  • JackSavior, The Netherlands
    JackSavior aims to save the audio jack of your device by a new and patented design for the 3,5 mm plug on headphones. The startup wants to become the new standard of the three billion audio plugs produced per year. While current plugs can easily be destroyed by external forces, the patented JackSavior plug is constructed in such way that all the wires of an audio jack are connected internally.
    Website: http://jacksavior.com/
  • Smadex, Spain
    Smadex is a Mobile Demand Side Platform that helps advertisers place ads in mobile apps and mobile websites viewed over smartphones all over the world. Smadex utilizes an algorithm to participate in thousands of ad auctions a second. Their algorithms take decisions in real time that maximize the performance of the advertising campaigns, which gives them a competitive advantage.
    Website: http://smadex.com/home.php

It's with great pleasure that the Get in the Ring team welcomes the 8 finalists who have been selected to battle it out in the international finals of this exciting competition. We wish each participant the best of luck in both the competition as well as their future success as entrepreneurs!