Bits & Pieces for Canadian & Caribbean Entrepreneurs


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We will share articles for celebrating, creating awareness, and addressing concerns of Canadian and Caribbean Immigrant and Diaspora Entrepreneurs.  We will also feature some Caribbean entrepreneurs at home given our commitment to bridging home and host country markets, and the fact that the Caribbean is the land of the genesis of Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

The pieces will address the issues such as the need for collaboration and cooperation among entrepreneurs in the diasporic markets Canada, USA, UK, Middle East, Africa, Pacific, Asia, and well as Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our pieces will bring a message of collaboration and cooperation not just among immigrant entrepreneurs from all ethnic groups, but also with the Black business community who share some barriers, with Canadians and other entrepreneurs who face similar struggles as well as with big businesses from every group within each market and country.

We will  celebrate and showcase Caribbean and Canadian Entrepreneurs (with or without Caribbean roots) at home and in the diaspora. 

We also share the GEW messages and its themes through our media initiatives.

Our media partners include The Caribbean Camera, South Florida Caribbean News among others.

Period of publications November 18-25, 2019.

Road to GEW 2019

Leading up to GEW will share messages for getting our community ready to celebrate.

Canada to Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

USA to Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019


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