Expanding Youth Entrepreneurship in Canada
22 May 2014

The organization responsible for leading the GEW Canada campaign recently announced its rebranding at an entrepreneurship summit in Toronto -- from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) to Futurpreneur Canada.

The following is a guest post by Amanda Filipe, programs manager at Futurpreneur Canada. 


In order to better reflect the entrepreneurial aspirations of the young people we are here to serve and the future Canada we are helping to create, the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is nowFuturpreneur Canada.

Futurpreneur Canada has been helping to fuel the passions of enterprising young Canadians and building our country’s entrepreneurial future for nearly two decades. We will continue this work as Futurpreneur Canada, a name that speaks to the young people we are trying to help and what we are trying to achieve. Our new tagline, Fuel for young enterprise, reinforces our focus on youth.

We invite you to learn more by watching our video and downloading our new brand book, which tell the story of our evolution and growth.

Our new name was announced at the first-ever Action Entrepreneurship Canadian Summit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 13-14, 2014. Close to 250 young entrepreneurs and supporters charted a path to boost youth innovation and enterprise throughout the country. They spoke constructively about the need for better, clearer and more coordinated support for young entrepreneurs and their businesses.

The summit brought Canada’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs together with business and non-profit leaders, educators and policy makers among others to craft an action plan to grow young enterprise across Canada. The summit also included top-notch speakers who are making a real difference in youth entrepreneurship in Canada, networking opportunities and professional development workshops.

There was resounding consensus on the key actions needed to fuel young enterprise and drive the Canadian economy. Actions centred around supporting entrepreneurship education and promoting entrepreneurship as a career option, helping people learn from business mistakes, improving financial literacy, increasing collaboration between governments and supporting networking between entrepreneurs and mentors.

The summit built on the engagement of 1,000 leaders from across Canada through interviews, roundtable discussions and, with support from the Foundation for an Entrepreneurial Canada, a national survey of young entrepreneurs. (learn more about the activities that led up to the summit)

Futurpreneur Canada will compile the results of the summit and release a national action plan this summer that will require further support and involvement from leaders in business, all levels of government and all sectors of the economy.

We are looking forward to using the learnings from the summit to help us plan and host a truly amazing and impactful GEW 2014. Through the summit events we have made new friends, many of whom are excited to become GEW partners this year!

For more information, visit www.actionentrepreneurship.ca and join the conversation @Futurpreneur#AECanada.


Amanda Filipe is a Programs Manager at Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF), the official host of GEW in Canada. Amanda has been at Futurpreneur Canada since 2010 and in her time at the organization, has worked on a variety of projects to support young entrepreneurs including the GEW Canada campaign. Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and currently lives in Toronto with her husband, dog and cat.