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BIDEM 2020 GEW Brawta

GEW 2020 will be an exciting one for  The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs [The CoP],  Magate Wildhorse Consulting [Magate Wildhorse Ltd, Toronto and Magate Wildhorse Inc., New York].  We recently delivered BIDEM 2020 International Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs’ Conference and Trade Show [BIDEM], a promise revealed to our audience during GEW 2019.

BIDEM is the major event of The CoP both of which are sponsored by and co-convened by Magate Wildhorse Consulting. The event was a hit with our audience and so we decided to bring extras “that is GEW developed sessions that expands on BIDEM and from our standing GEW activities].

Be our special guests for #BIDEM 2020 GEW Brawta!

  • The programme will involve a mix of discussions―some for advancing the policy framework for accelerating Caribbean diaspora and domestic entrepreneurship commenced at BIDEM 2020 International Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs’ Conference and Trade Show,
  • network building,
  • virtual bazaar
  • vox populi,
  • publishing and workshops.

We will carry forward the BIDEM Conference and Trade Show theme:

“Connecting the Roots, Building Networks Together for Profit and Purpose”.

 Our GEW celebrations will serve to accelerate the kick off of BIDEM, the entrepreneur and market development process which commenced on October 13, 2020.

BIDEM [pronounced BID-EM], means bridged, high impact diaspora entrepreneurs to efficient diasporic markets! It also aims to drive the growth of high impact established sized businesses with that delightful ethnic flavor. It is grounded in local, national, regional and international sustainable development. Profit and purpose and draws in risk intelligence, evaluation, monitoring and improvement for delivering profit, purpose, the Global Goals, improvement and BIDEM.

The programme will advance progress for reducing the big 6 barriers to Caribbean Entrepreneurship in diasporic markets and with some being applicable to domestic markets.  The #Eval4Action Campaign and evaluation for driving the SDGs will receive a boost as well as the GEW 2020 themes.

#GEW2020 #Education   #GEW2020 #Ecosystems  INCLUSION | #GEW2020 #Inclusion  and POLICY | #GEW2020 #Policy 

We focus on startups, retired, family business, not so seasoned and seasoned businesses, strong, weak and ambitious and the average.  Technical and professional service providers are welcome to join us.

Curious to know what BIDEM is?  Visit us at:


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