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We are taking the “Black and Caribbean Business Community Health Check Survey” to Global Entrepreneurship Week.

To say the Black and Caribbean immigrant entrepreneur community is stunted by a research abyss is to put it mildly.

You cannot plan on environmental data that is two years dated much less five.
You can’t plan with data that is limited because the sample size was too small and is not a true representation of the population you are trying to understand.  Findings from 30 respondents is often a minimum requirement, just imagine working from figures under that or nothing at all for the entire community (that includes the diasporic markets for the Caribbean). We have no study that is strong enough to get the job done. The ball is in the court of the entrepreneurs and not the researchers.

We have been in dialogue with all major research agencies in the three main Caribbean diasporic markets, in addition to our own research. The fact is, we must complete the surveys, if we need evidence to back our call for funding or for informed decision making. National statistical entities have not disaggregated the data for Blacks or Caribbeans in the way we need given, the size of total pool of entrepreneurs. In addition, many of us have not bothered to provide the information.

As late as November 6, 2019, we received the preliminary cost for using a multi-agency approach to get the data that would be sold to you because it comes at high but reasonable price. Instead of free when we do it together here.

We have to committed to collecting the data, work with our academic partners and or team to collate, and disseminate the data to the community free of charge.

It is now up to the Black Business and Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneur community to do the entrepreneur step up, for adding power and intelligence to your planning and advocacy for funding, government and donor a like.

Join us in being the change we all want to see.

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No personal data that can trace to you the individual or to your business is being collected! Guided by Tri-Council Research Ethics Guide 2018.