Sales and Marketing Design Sprint Bootcamp

I am presenting a bootcamp that will actively engage the participants to learn and develop customer acquisition campaigns for their business by understanding their top buyers and influencers, learn the channels best for engaging these customers and driving the customers to buy.

SMBs’ primary concerns are time to acquire new skills, low disposable capital for building marketing campaigns and techniques to make sustainable marketing models. I will teach the participants to quickly identify the high ROI customers for their business. And build low-cost go-to-market strategies.

About The Presenter

Ameya is currently manages Revenue Strategy functions for Torstar/Metroland Media that includes the sales for He is also functions as independent consultant to local SMBs looking to build their businesses by acquiring local clients. He is highly proficient in using modern techniques such as Design Sprints, behavioural economics and customer development principles to help his clients develop sustainable and high ROI marketing campaigns.



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