Strategy Update Charrette

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CoP Charrette

The Toronto local leg of the international planning and design update for The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs.  In addition to the planning charrette participants will receive an update on the upcoming international diaspora entrepreneur's conference and trade show.

The Toronto, leg is supported by virtual planning in other diasporic markets during Global Entrepreneurship Week, the anniversary of the virtual launch of the CoP.

The CoP was established to address the following gaps:

  • The need to improve the social and economic outcomes of Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurs & the community in all diasporic markets.
  • The need to close the entrepreneurial experience gap between Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurs and their counterparts in OECD and other diasporic Markets.
  • The need to better leverage the diaspora for growing strong businesses, that solve big problems, create jobs, and grow wealth for entrepreneurs, families, the Caribbean Community, host, and home countries.

Entrepreneurs with Caribbean roots from Canada, USA, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Africa, The Middle East, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Panama, Latin America, India, Portugal, France, rest of Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean are invited to contact The CoP for connecting with fellow Caribbean entrepreneurs and for playing a role in shaping your Community of Practice.


You will also have the opportunity to register your interest and desired solution from the BIDEM 2020 International Caribbean Diaspora Entrepreneurs Conference and Trade Show.  Learn more and register your interest at:

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