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Jiliang Wang, CEO, overseas master, worked in IBM headquarters in Asia Pacific region for 20 years, and served in the State Information Center before going abroad. He is an industry expert with rich technical advantages and market resources.

The high-performance data content intelligent system development team led by him achieved a 95% reduction in long-term storage space on the premise of ensuring the output size of files, image quality and processing performance by fully autonomous and world-leading core technologies of font optimization, compression, conversion and editing. In terms of data document conversion technology, the system's interconverters can ensure that PDF electronic documents are exactly the same as AFP ultra high speed print documents. At present, the project has two Chinese invention patents and has more than 260 global customers, including IBM, HSBC, Bank of Thailand, Spanish government, China Post, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, etc. Annual sales revenue can reach $17 million.


王辑亮,CEO,海外硕士, 曾任职亚太区 IBM 总部 20 年,出国前服务于国家信息中心,行业专家,具有丰富的技术优势和市场资源。



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