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Saturday, March 16, 2019 - 12:43

GET IN THE RING is always looking to support startups in our network and today I’m contacting you about Challenges, where they connect startups to corporates on specific innovation challenges, resulting in new collaborations. The first Challenges were a big success, see the impact for startups in the video below:

Want to give the same opportunity to startups in your network? There are 2 new Challenges, one with the biggest telecom company in the Netherlands: KPN; and one with ASML, the largest manufacturing company in the world. KPN is is looking for startup solutions that can bring artificial intelligence into business intelligence. ASML challenges startups with the potential to impact the world of high tech manufacturing and systems.

What you can do

You can easily recommend startups by replying to me or enter their names on our website: It would also be great if you could spread the word in your network by email and on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), see examples below!

For KPN — Can your #ArtificialIntelligence solution transform @KPN's data in smart advice? Work with biggest #telecom provider through @GITRGlobal:
For ASML — .@GITRGlobal & @ASMLcompany want to work with #startups to change the #hightech #manufacturing industry! More info:!
Other channels:

For KPN --- Can you improve how the biggest telecom provider in the Netherlands uses #BusinessIntelligence? Use your #ArtificialIntelligence solution to transform KPN's loads of information into smart advice! Work with KPN to improve their customer relations, sign up now viaGet in the Ring at
For ASML --- Get in the Ring, HighTechXL and ASMLare looking for startups that can change the #hightech manufacturing industry. If you’re a startup that can truly move the needle, then ASML will award you with a pilot contract. Sign up now at

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