GEW Declared Public Interest by Costa Rica President & National Cabinet
22 Nov 2013

It is official. This past week all efforts and activities surrounding GEW Costa Rica 2013 were declared to be of Public Interest to the Central America country. 

The President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, along with key cabinet members including Mayi Antillon Guerrero, the Minister of Economy, Industry, & Trade, Alejandro Cruz Molina, the Minister of Science and Technology, Leonardo Garnier Rimolo the Minister of Education, andManuel Obregon Lopez the Minister of Culture and Youth all signed the official proclamation.

According to the statement of Public Interest the country should, “promote and encourage an entrepreneurial culture in Costa Rica, we urge all agencies of the Public and Private Sector, to the extent possible and within the respective legal framework, to support Global Entrepreneurship Week in Costa Rica.

The official document also stated that GEW is an important addition to the country's efforts to promote entrepreneurship, because “it is of great importance to the Government of Costa Rica to contribute to the process of economic and social development of the country through employment generation and improving production conditions of access to wealth”.

The news item in Spanish along with the official text from the government is available at: