Monday, 18 November 2019



„B2B marketing“ – Paula Pavić i Šime Živković; SeekandHit (Auditorium - Reference center, EFST)

Former EFST students, Paula Pavić and Šime Živković, have been working at the Digital Marketer position at SeekandHit for two and a half years. They are in constant contact with clients and are in charge of data analysis, strategy development, development and optimization of advertising campaigns, as well as planning, establishing and maintaining a good client-agency relationship.

As part of GEW, they will give a lecture on B2B Marketing, through which they will share their experiences and provide information on successful and effective business-to-business marketing.


„IP Management in EU-funded Projects/Horizon 2020“ – Jorg Scherer, EU IP Helpdesk (Auditorium - Reference center, EFST)

The workshop is open to all concerned and will provide participants with a basic understanding of how to properly address intellectual property issues and teach them about common pitfalls and challenges of intellectual property in EU-funded research and innovation initiatives (Horizon 2020 or soon Horizon Europe).

Jörg Scherer is also the CEO and founder of Eurice and has been acting as Head of Research and Development and as Business Advisor in the academic and industrial sector for over 20 years. Has remarkable success in coordinating and participating in more than 60 European research and innovation projects, ranging from FP4 to Horizon 2020. Since 2005 he has been involved in European Intellectual Property Assistance Offices, he now coordinates intellectual property across the EU building program capacity that attracts more than 3000 participants annually. In 2016 alone, he delivered over 50 lectures and trainings in the field of IP management and exploitation strategy in Horizon 2020.

After the training, participants will be able to answer the following questions:

- What are the key features of an EU funded project?

- At what stage of the project is intellectual property important?

- What are the rules in Horizon 2020 and what are the conditions to be met?

- What terminology is used?

- How do you determine the relevant background for your project?

- How can ownership of project results be defined?

- What are the key aspects of intellectual property that should be considered under Horizon 2020?