SUPPORT | November 19, 2017

STRETCH YOUR BODY TO MOVE YOUR MIND - Global initiative by prim. Vlasta Brozicevic MD Spec. Polyclinic Terme Selce Croatia

Primarius Vlasta Brozicevic, MD., spec. in physical medicine and rehabilitation from Polyclinic TERME Selce in Croatia launches her Global initiative for entrepreneurs' health - STRETCH YOUR BODY TO MOVE YOUR MIND - within GEW 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week  which is celebrated in 170+ countries with 10 mill participants.

The main moto of GEW is "Unleash your idea".

Prim. Brozicevic says:  "Only healthy entrepreneurs create new ideas and wealth for their communities". Olympic champions join the initiative together with global business supporters.

Join prim. Vlasta!



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