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GEN + Crowne Plaza Announce Global Partnership

Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts and the Global Entrepreneurship Network are proud to announce the launch of a partnership which will kick off with a launch announcement in Atlanta that coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 18-24, 2019).

The first exclusive hospitality partner for GEN, Crowne Plaza properties will be the new hub of Startup Huddle monthly meetups, providing easier access to spaces for entrepreneurs to collaborate, problem solve and inspire one another in more than 400 hotels worldwide. Crowne Plaza will also be recognized as a sponsor of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 with its collection of 40,000 events, activities and competitions happening in 170+ countries around the world.


Startup Huddle is a program designed to help one entrepreneur at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs discover solutions to the challenges they face through purposeful engagement with a broad array of voices from their local community. The Startup Huddle format is consistent in each location: at a consistent meeting place, one or two early-stage startup founders give a six-minute presentation about their company to a diverse audience from their local community. Each presentation is followed by a 20-minute question and answer session where the community provides ideas, connections and feedback for the entrepreneur. By providing a weekly meet up for the local ecosystem, Startup Huddle builds community – one entrepreneur at a time.

  • Select Signature Crowne Plaza Properties:
    Throughout 2020, GEN and Crowne Plaza will roll out new Startup Huddle locations at a select number of Crowne Plaza properties around the world. 
  • Connecting Startup Huddle Organizers + Crowne Plaza Properties:
    In its 35+ existing Startup Huddle locations -- and as it continues to onboard new locations -- GEN will connect local organizers with local Crowne Plaza teams to explore potential uses of meeting space for upcoming Huddles and other purposes.


  • Launch Announcement in Atlanta: 
    One of the featured events of #GEW2019, Crowne Plaza and GEN host a panel discussion on Tuesday, November 19, with local Atlanta business leaders at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia to examine the Atlanta startup scene and celebrate the launch of the new global partnership. The panel includes: Meredith Latham, VP Americas, Crowne Plaza; Jonathan Ortmans, President, Global Entrepreneurship Network; Barry Givens, Managing Director, Cox Social Impact Accelerator; Jeff Hilimire, CEO, Dragon Army; Kashi Seghal, CEO, Gigabark; and Sanjay Parekh, Co-founder, MailMosh.
  • GEW Events @ Crowne Plaza Hotels Around the World: 
    GEN and its in-country affiliates are organizing events at Crowne Plaza locations during Global Entrepreneurship Week. For example, GEN Saudi conducted an event titled 'Angels Rising: Early-stage Investor Fundamentals' at the Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel and Convention Center while GEN Bahrain has five events scheduled at the Crowne Plaza in Manama on topics such as: speed networking, international franchising, government procurement and more.