GEW Snapshots from the Caribbean
Photo Credit: The Caribbean
As Caribbean countries open up their economies after extended lockdowns, Global Entrepreneurship Week is launching events in the Caribbean beginning in late October.
17 Nov 2020

GEW 2020 events in the Caribbean are filled with lively activities like comedy shows and sip and chat sessions that celebrate local entrepreneurs. Now some islands have extended their GEW programs to the full month of November.  


The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC),  the official host organization in Bermuda, kicked off Global Entrepreneurship Week on Monday, November 2nd  with a public overview of the full month’s program broadcasted on GEW Bermuda’s social media and web outlets. 

On November 14th, the BEDC Business Awards took place to celebrate the achievements, growth, and resilience of Bermuda’s entrepreneurs, and, on Tuesday, November 17th, all aspiring entrepreneurs are invited to the Festival of Entrepreneurship.

“This year we will be celebrating entrepreneurs across Bermuda as we want to encourage and celebrate startups that have been resilient and committed to creating new or improved products and services for their community,” said Jamillah Lodge, Director of Communication & Development for BEDC and GEW Project Manager. 

Other highlights of the week included the Rocket Pitch Competition with six categories including Pitch Pink, Pitch Town, Pitch Tech, Pitch Green, Youth Pitch, and now Co-op Pitch. BEDC will also host Bermuda’s first Startup Huddle on Friday, November 20th. Startup Huddle is a powerful tool for community building, helping one entrepreneur at a time while engaging the community for feedback.


GEW Curacao’s theme this year is “Business the Unusual Way”. The week is being organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development and sponsored by Maduro and Curiel’s Bank and Central Bank of Curacao. 

A highlight of the week was the pre-opening event on November 15th titled 'Comedians as Entrepreneurs' – a joint effort of GEW Curacao and GEW Bonaire organized by the official host organization Fundashon Negoshi Pikina.

On November 16th, the virtual opening event took place with speeches by government officials and a keynote speech by GEN Global Board Chair, Jeff Hoffman. The week encompasses a wide variety of events for entrepreneurs including a talk on ICT entrepreneurship, a webinar on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic from various startups, a social media misconception lesson as well as a virtual sustainability trade expo. 

Check out all of the activities being planned in Curacao. 

St Kitts & Nevis 

In St Kitts & Nevis, Global Entrepreneurship Week was officially launched on October 29th, as part of The Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (CoESL)’s 2020 Regional Sustainable Livelihoods. Dr. Marcia Brandon, the official host of GEW in St Kitts and Nevis as well as the Acting Managing Director of GEN Caribbean, invited partners from across the Caribbean to the discussion, 'Business continuity during and beyond COVID-19: Actions for developing the region’s entrepreneurial, resilient people and sustainable communities.' Tal Garih of Alarko Holding (GEN Turkey board member) gave a keynote speech at the conference outlining the importance of collaboration among entrepreneurship communities locally and globally. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week in St Kitts & Nevis started with the Ministerial speech on November 15th. The week is packed with activities from entrepreneurial talk shows to leadership seminars and regional ecosystem gatherings; from financial education seminars to COVID-19: Challenges and Solutions Sip & Chat sessions.

Buke Cuhadar

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