Dantus Invests in Marijuana Startup Backed by Mexico's Former President
Photo Credit of Marcus Dantus, Twitter
As Mexico seeks to legalize recreational marijuana, GEN Mexico's Managing Director joins the country's former president Vicente Fox and actor Roberto Palazuelos as an investor in a Monterrey-based company.
22 Jun 2021

Marcus Dantus, the Acting Managing Director of GEN Mexico and an investor known for his deals on Shark Tank Mexico and Shark Tank Columbia, has partnered with former President of Mexico Vicente Fox and actor Roberto Palazuelos on a growing market opportunity: legal cannabis.  

According to El Heraldo Mexico, Dantus joined Fox and Palazuelos as an investor in Paradise, a Monterrey-based company dedicated to commercializing cannabis products. Palazuelos confirmed the partnership on Instagram. Paradise, a Monterrey-based company, is dedicated to commercializing legal cannabis products. It has 10 stores across Mexico with plans to expand to 400 locations within three years.   

In March 2021, Mexican lawmakers approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana. Read the story in El Heraldo Mexico.

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