Other | February 6, 2015

School is in with Polish Startup Professor Why

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Marek Trojanowicz, Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark and Mateusz Marmolowski at the Creative Business Cup Finals 


In November 2014, Polish startup CTAdventure was named the world’s most creative startup when it won the Creative Business Cup as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week for its innovative game Professor Why.

Co-founders Mateusz Marmołowski and Marek Trojanowicz created Professor Why, a computer game that enables users to perform dozens of chemistry experiments in a safe, virtual laboratory. By combining computer generated images with reality, the game enables users to perform chemical experiments in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Through augmented reality technology, it offers high-quality rendering of chemical agents and laboratory utensils.

Since it was founded in January 2014, CTAdventure has been taking Europe by storm with Professor Why. Last spring, it won first place at the Polish conference InfoShare and in the fall, Marmołowski and Trojanowicz competed in Denmark to win the Creative Business Cup.

We checked in with the CTAdventure team to see what the global pick winners had to say about entrepreneurship, disrupting education and the importance of perpetual optimism.

Innovating Education

With Professor Why, we focus on innovative education, which combines the beautiful world of games with the importance of education to teach science. We are in the middle of both the gaming and education industries. By utilizing augmented reality, Professor Why guarantees the best possible user experience for users of all ages.

Building the Team

The toughest decision we’ve made in the last few months was choosing the right people to join the Professor Why project. It's really challenging to find employees that follow our founding vision and are totally into the project. Of course, this is something we had to learn over time. We wish we had known back when we started our first companies how to hire the right people and build interdisciplinary teams. That really is key for small companies and if entrepreneurs fail to do so, the venture is much more likely to fail.

Gaming Dreams

We define success as being able to wake up each morning with a smile on our faces and be happy to go to work. Growing up, we were fascinated by computers and always wanted to be game publishers so dreams do come true.

Balancing Freedom and Hard Work

Being an entrepreneur gives us freedom but it also comes with a lot of hard work. Both of these sides of entrepreneurship drive us to be more effective. CTAdventure isn’t either of our first company so we knew what we were getting ourselves into. At the end of the day, it is important for entrepreneurs to remain optimistic. Even during the worst days, they must constantly keep trying.

Coming to a Country Near You

The moment when your hard work and thousands of hours spent on developing the product turn out to be the right choice is wonderful. This year, we are planning on expanding beyond the Polish market, starting with Europe so stay tuned.