#ECAfrica100 dialogue : How are African Entrepreneurs creating value despite no funding support?

Entrepreneur Connect Africa #ECAfrica, is a Movement of entrepreneurs driven by shared experiences, business and other challenges, with a desire to impact change and birth solutions that will positively drive entrepreneurship on the continent. It’s this gap we as a movement of entrepreneurs are using to connect,collaborate, to package and tell stories on how we championing change to problem solve using Entrepreneurship and sharing these stories through various channels.

Shaping the African Narrative and ensuring we can share an authentic African experience from source was a key driver of the vision. Ours is a progression that is organically growing and shows that the ecosystem is evolving from a highly reactive networking and grounding itself as a proactive movement through the strength of the collaborative network.

#ECAfrica will host roundtables, dialogues, talks and masterclasses where industry professionals will engage and shares their journeys and lessons that will assist other entrepreneurs in their own businesses.

Entrepreneur Connect Africa will cover topics around :-

18/11/2019 - (GEW Education) - Business Master class with key note speaker  Sipho Mseleku how to commercialise skill as an SME’s

19/11/2019 - (GEW Celebrate) - Roundtable on Entrepreneurial Opportunities and who are the winners and how are they enterprising

20/11/2019 - (GEW Policy) - Governance and Entrepreneurship with key note address (speaker TBC)

21/11/2019 - (Inclusion highlight champions) - Talks on How are African Entrepreneurs creating value despite no funding support?

22/11/2019 - Connecting ecosystems -  for business relevance and collaboration (#ECAfrica Roundtable) the business database