Ecothon in Cambodia
Ecothon in Cambodia
26 Feb 2021

It is an intensive group work to develop SCP ideas into business solution or business models/solutions in 30 hours (in 2 days and venue will be open till late night by midnight and from early morning from 6 O’clock).

  • Day 1: focusing SCP development
  • Day 2: focusing Market-fit solution development.

International and Cambodian experts from business and marketing, clean tech, product/service design of SCP, ICT and are available during the program. Each team will have a chance to have a consultation from each expert. This program is jointly organized by Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, Cambodia ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation ASEIC, and Hanszidel Foundation in cooperation with GEN Cambodia, Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia (YEAC), Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Korea Environment Industrial Technology Institute (KEITI) and was sponsored by CONTEC.LTD Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Republic of Korea. Mr. Sim Chankiriroth, Board Member of GEN Cambodia and CEO of Banhji took part during the event as he gave a presentation sharing about his journey as an entrepreneur and how to develop a good business model.

By the end of the event, the top 3 winners will be sponsored to join the Entrepreneurship day in Korea in late November where they will be able to learn more about startup ecosystem in Korea and making connection with other startups around the world who are coming to the event.

Molika Veng

Program Manager | Global Entrepreneurship Network Cambodia