5th Ei Awards 2019

This gala has been held since 2015 with the aim of rewarding the best AEI entrepreneurs and the most active allies of the network that articulate the work for a favorable ecosystem to undertake and innovate.

Last november 21 we had the assistance of members of the AEI network of the private public academia and multilateral sector as well as other relevant actors of the ecosystem to be updated about the progress and results of joint and articulated work, with our allies and with our entrepreneurs. In addition, Ei Awards is a networking space that allows the generation of networks and alliances between the assitants. 

This year we had several highlights:

1) Video of the Ecuadorian President: Lenín Moreno

Emphasizing the joint work in network and providing support towards strengthening compliance in the country and the region.

2) "Together for a great purpose"

Public, private and academic talking about the importance of working synergistically and the roles of each to strengthen the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation. In this Panel we had the participation of an assembly president of the Economic Development Commission, an instance where the entrepreneurship law is being discussed in the National Assembly.

3) The biggest Speed Mentoring of 2019

It was a space in which 20 mentors of the network gave mentoring in the areas of financing, strategy, innovation, human talent and commercial to the 20 best entrepreneurs supported by AEI

4) This year we awarded 4 great categories

- Most innovative ally,

-  Ally that most supported entrepreneurs,

-  Entrepreneur of the year,

-  Re-entrepreneur of the year.


This experience makes us look forward to the 6th Ei Awards.

Our goal is to continue promoting the joint work at the end of the day we are all together for the same purpose: strengthen innovative entrepreneurship in our country. 

Eliane Vasco

Institutional Relations Executive | Alianza para el Emprendimiento e Innovación - AEI


AEI institutional relations executive. Part of the team that manages the relationship with GEN.