GEN Paraguay GEN Portugal Team on Strengthening Paraguay’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
9 Nov 2017

GEN Portugal’s chair, Paulo Andrez, an entrepreneur, angel investor, and an expert on ecosystem development, visited Paraguay on November 1, to lead a series of meetings in Asunción with Paraguayan policymakers, investors, and ecosystem stakeholders.  Roberto Urbieta, the acting managing director of GEN Paraguay, and Cristina Fernandez, GEN Global’s vice president for policy and research, recommended Andrez to Paraguay’s National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), which arranged Andrez’s visit.

In a gathering at KARAKU, an entrepreneurship association, Andrez discussed the cycle of entrepreneurship ecosystem development with participants who included Bruno De Felippe and Santiago Campos Cervera of KOGA Impact Lab; Laura Bondrad of CIRD, Lorena Ríos of FOMIN / IDB, and Cecilia Miranda of MIC.

For members of the Chamber of Advertisers of Paraguay-CAP, Andrez explained the significant role that angel investor networks play in increasing economic and social growth.  He described in detail how to develop an angel accreditation process to establish standards and build trust, and how advanced training programs can be designed and implemented to share best practices, such on assessing and mitigating risks.

Andrez then led an angel investor network planning meeting at CONACYT, where he and Dr. Idelín Molinas, the executive secretary, Alcides Corbeta, the general coordinator of the DeTIEC Project; and Juan Manuel Brunetti Marcos, a CONACYT counselor, set out the steps necessary for establishing and operating such a network in Paraguay.

Andrez’s visit empowered GEN Paraguay and CONACYT to integrate stakeholders from the public and private sectors in efforts aimed at strengthening Paraguay’s national system of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Through the establishment of a new angel network, based on international best practices, Andrez’s visit will have an enduring impact on building out Paraguay's ecosystem, and supporting its entrepreneurs.

Peter Komives

Vice President for Strategic Development | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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