Astropreneurship and investing in Space on the GBAN Field Call
Join our next GBAN Field Call with Stephan Reckie, the Executive Director of the GEN Space initiative and an experienced angel investor for an engaging conversation.
1 Sep 2020

Join our next GBAN Field Call with Stephan Reckiethe Executive Director of the GEN Space initiative and an experienced angel investor, for an engaging conversation on the current shape of astropreneurship ecosystem and investing in Space, scheduled for September 16th (Please register to see in your time zone).

During this meeting, Stephan will provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities for doing business in space along with their impact on humanity. Stephan will also describe the landscape of investing in Space companies, sharing tips on best practices in diligence and fundraising.


Stephan Reckie is a member of EBAN Space’s Executive Committee and the Co-Founder of Edge of Space, a company focused on exciting space based projects including enabling STEM based access to space for students around the world. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Angelus Funding, a trust-based global network of angel investors, who actively evaluate a wide range of innovative investment opportunities. Stephan serves on the board of directors of several companies and has personally made over 40 investments since 2012. Per his passion for space, he formed a key strategic partnership with CASIS in 2013, enabling the expansion of NewSpace angel investments. He is an adjunct professor at the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver, teaching entrepreneurial presentation and sales skills.

Prior to angel investing, Stephan served in several international executive roles including: COO of DigiLink Software, a China-based embedded video solutions developer, and the Director of Sales at India-based Ittiam Systems. While as founding Director of EMEA Operations at Telogy Networks, his company was acquired by Texas Instruments. Stephan holds Bachelor’s and Masters of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. He is a second-generation Armenian Russian and a true native New Yorker, fluent in 5 languages. Stephan enjoys traveling the world, having flown over 8 million miles, the equivalent of 16 moon missions. Stephan is a driven volunteer for several impactful organizations and is an active community leader.

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