India's Dynamic Angel Investor Ecosystem
7 Nov 2019


GBAN regularly organizes a conference call to discuss new developments in the field of angel investing. These Field Calls serve to connect our members and increase their impact by providing a forum for angel network leaders to exchange information, and share experience and knowledge.

In October 2019, Padmaja Ruparel, the Co-Founder of the Indian Angel Network (IAN), led the GBAN Field Call and presented a thorough and engaging overview of India's rapidly growing angel ecosystem.  GBAN's Co-Chair, Jonathan Ortmans, moderated the discussion.

Ruparel described the significant impact angel investors are having on entrepreneurship across the Indian sub-continent. She recounted how angel investing has gone from basically non-existent at the time she co-founded IAN to become an established financial sector. IAN investments now average in the $750,000 range. She also described which startup sectors are booming, how startups vary across India's regions, and how government policy supports entrepreneurship (e.g., administrative digitalization, entrepreneur support programs, investment incentives, etc.).


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