GEC Plus

The growth of GEN’s annual Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) over the past 10 years has created demand for smaller, follow-on events around the world. GEC+ events, which were developed in 2016 to fill that demand, gather experts from around the world for deep-dives into specific regions or issues.



GEC+ Cape Town

16-18 March, 2017

GEC+ Cape Town offered an introduction to Cape Town's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Following on the heels of GEC 2017 in Johannesburg, the event was sponsored by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation (AGO) and the Cape Town GEC+ Host Committee, which is made up of the city’s leading entrepreneurship organizations.

In addition to an overview of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, GEC+ Cape Town hosted a member meeting of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network as well as a deep-dive into innovative new methods for understanding entrepreneurial mindset around the world.



GEC+ Daegu

24-26 August, 2016

Hosted by GEN and the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation in Daegu, a city that features a world class creative economy, GEC+ explored exciting new thinking, research and tools for understanding the entrepreneurial mindset, teaching entrepreneurship, and building vibrant city ecosystems.